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Insulation and drainage for components in contact with the earth.

In the presence of certain ground conditions (e.g. water-impermeable soil horizon) or a particular building location (e.g. on a slope), it is necessary to provide not only thermal insulation but also drainage to drain off the surface and seepage water.

JACKODUR KF 300 Jackodrain is the ideal combination of XPS perimeter insulation and drainage element, providing perfect thermal insulation and drainage of basement retaining walls.  The run-off rate of drain elements in front of walls must generally (with an installation depth of 3 m) be equal to at least 0.3 l/(s•m) according to DIN 4095. The JACKODUR KF 300 Jackodrain not only fulfils this requirement but actually considerably exceeds it.

Thanks to the outstanding features of the JACKODUR KF 300 Jackodrain, it can also be used at a depth of up to 10 m, and its run-off rate will still exceed the values stipulated in DIN 4095.

  1. Structural waterproofing
  2. JACKODUR Jackodrain
  3. Backfill
  4. Filter layer
  5. Filter gravel, grain size 16/32 mm
  6. Fillet
  7. Drain pipe

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