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Bathroom bench self assembly set.

Add a new shape to your bathroom. With the S-Kit from JACKOBOARD®

The status of the bathroom as a place of wellbeing and a private wellness oasis has grown enormously. At the same time, the demand for cosy and comfy furnishings has also increased.

There are now three new S Kits for various tileable benches available from JACKOBOARD®, the versatile system for individual bathroom design. They are much more than simply seats, bringing new structure to the bathroom by allowing floors, walls and furniture all to flow into one another. The fitter benefits from complete, prefabricated sets where every detail has been thought of. Cleanly cut shapes that fit together perfectly right down to the curves ensure convincing results.

With S-Kits, more can easily be made out of a private bathroom. The new benches seamlessly fit into and enhance the popular JACKOBOARD® system - for bathroom design with individuality and creativity.

Product characteristics JACKOBOARD® S-Kit:

  • Full set incl. installation accessories
  • Precisely cut to size for quick installation
  • Can be covered directly with tiles, filler or plaster
  • Rectangular bench S-Kit: suitable for almost every kind of tile
  • Curved bench S-Kits: mosaic tiles up to 25x25 mm max. or linear mosaic tiles short side up to 25 mm max.

Benefits JACKOBOARD® S-Kit:

  • Easy to cut to size, e.g. to different lengths
  • Can be combined with an electric heating mat

Ideal application:

  • Create benches in showers, bathrooms and steam baths
  • Image 1 / 6: JACKOBOARD® S-Kit 1
  • Image 2 / 6: JACKOBOARD® S-Kit 1
  • Image 3 / 6: JACKOBOARD® S-Kit 2
  • Image 4 / 6: JACKOBOARD® S-Kit 2
  • Image 5 / 6: JACKOBOARD® S-Kit 3
  • Image 6 / 6: JACKOBOARD® S-Kit 3
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JACKOBOARD S-Kit 3: Curved bench with backrest