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JACKODUR® Cavity tray insulation

The perfect XPS insulation solution for base insulation in cavity walls.

Insulates and drains moisture away.

Made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), JACKODUR® Cavity tray insulation is specially designed for insulating the lower area of cavity walls. The tongue-and-groove joint provides insulation without thermal bridges. The beveled surface reliably channels away any moisture from the formwork cavity.

 Product characteristics JACKODUR® Cavity tray insulation:

  • Beveled surface for masonry barrier
  • Insulation thicknesses of 80–200 mm
  • Heights: 250 mm and 350 mm
  • Rated thermal conductivity: 0.036 W/(m·K)
  • Excellent compressive strength, dimensional stability, moisture and rot resistance

 Benefits JACKODUR® Cavity tray insulation:

  • Fast and economical handling
  • Tongue-and-groove configuration prevents thermal bridges

Ideal application:

  • Substrate for masonry barriers
  • Base insulation in cavity walls


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