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JACKOBOARD® Aqua drain systems

Drain systems for level access showers elements.

Always the right choice: Horizontal and Vertical drain systems.

JACKOBOARD® Aqua drain systems are the matching accessory for JACKOBOARD® Aqua and Aqua Flat shower elements. There are two drain systems to choose from: a horizontal drain system with a super-flat drain and a minimum installation height of just 97 mm (including shower element) or a vertical drain system. Both drain systems include a high quality solid brushed stainless steel grate with a high drainage rate of 0.9l/s.

Product characteristics – JACKOBOARD® Aqua drain systems:

  • High quality designer grate made of solid brushed stainless steel
  • Grate frame with adjustable height range 3–18 mm
  • Horizontal, extra flat drain with a minimum installation height (including shower element) of just 97 mm
  • High drainage rate of 0.9 litres/sec
  • Water trap height 50 mm
  • DN 50 (horizontal), DN 40/50 (vertical)
  • Drain nozzle made of glueable ABS plastic
  • Fire safety configuration also available on request

Benefits – JACKOBOARD® Aqua drain systems:

  • Perfectly matched to the technical specifications of JACKOBOARD® Aqua shower elements.

Ideal application:

  • For the fast and precision-fit installation of a drain system that is perfectly matched to all JACKOBOARD® Aqua shower elements.
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