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Assembly adhesive

For a secure, clean bond.

The PU-based solvent-free assembly adhesive is specially designed for the secure and durable bonding of XPS thermal insulation boards and construction boards and can be use for all solid substrates. It is characterized by rapid curing and high coverage of approx. 10 linear meters per cartridge, thereby ensuring fast and economical work.

Product characteristics – JACKODUR® Assembly adhesive:

  • PU-based solvent-free adhesive
  • Very rapid curing and high bonding strength
  • Very broad coverage: approx. 10 linear meters/cartridge

Ideal application:

  • Specially for gluing XPS thermal insulation boards and construction boar


This product contains isocyanates. From 24 August 2023, appropriate training is required before any industrial or professional use. Please refer to the safety data sheet.