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Shower element with high compressive strength coating.

For heavy-duty level access wetroom showers

JACKOBOARD® Aqua Solid shower elements are ideally suited for floor-level, level access wetroom showers subjected to extended, heavy-duty use – thanks to the tough, high compressive strength coating on the top surface. With a water-repellent core made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), these shower elements have a special coating on both sides that permits direct tiling and also feature a low installation height.

Product characteristics – JACKOBOARD® Aqua Solid:

  • Made of extruded polystyrene foam
  • Water-repellent
  • With special coating on both sides
  • High compressive strength coating on the top surface
  • Tiles can be applied directly, suitable for nearly all tile dimensions
  • Minimal installation height of just 40 mm
  • Center drain, including solid stainless steel grate
  • Integral CNC machines drainage fall
  • Square or rectangular shape
  • Dimensions: 900 x 900, 1400 x 900 and 1800 x 900 mm
  • Custom shapes and sizes available on request
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Drainage flow rate 0.9 l/s
  • Wheelchair-accessible
  • High compressive strength

Benefits – JACKOBOARD® Aqua Solid:

  • High compressive strength coating on the top surface for extended heavy-duty use.

Ideal application:

  • For the construction of floor-level, barrier-free showers in high-stress environments.