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Research & Development

Discovering new approaches.

In the Research & Development area, our employees from Product Management in Steinhagen work closely with the Development department in Mechau. We take advantage of synergy effects and also make use of the suggestions and requests of our customers, the experience and raw materials expertise of Production, and the practical knowledge of our mechanical engineers and machine builders.

Using a new process, for example, we were the first manufacturer to produce boards beyond the original production engineering-based thickness limit of 200 mm. This patented multilayer technology, where two boards are securely and permanently bonded together, enables us to manufacture XPS boards with a thickness of up to 320 mm, which are tested and certified for single-layer installation.


  • Development of the first XPS multilayer board, and with it, the production of up to 320-mm-thick, CO2-foamed XPS boards
  • Broad product portfolio in the JACKOBOARD range, with shower elements in every shape, shower enclosure wall panels and bathroom furniture
  • Development of an XPS insulation material (JACKODUR Plus) produced with 4th generation blowing agent, which achieves lambda values of 0.027 W/(m·K)
  • Development of the JACKODUR Atlas system for simultaneous insulation and formwork of floor slabs