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JACKODUR® Perimeter adhesive foam

Impermeable. Strong. Secure.

JACKODUR® perimeter adhesive foam is a solvent-free single-component polyurethane adhesive that is designed for securely bonding JACKODUR® thermal insulation to many substrates. Thanks to the combination adapter, specific applications can be easily undertaken with the supplied adapter hose or, when working on large surfaces, with a glue gun. JACKODUR® perimeter adhesive foam has very good thermal conductivity of just 0.0354 W/(mK) and can be applied even in winter at temperatures a low as -5°C.

Product characteristics JACKODUR® perimeter adhesive foam:

  • Secure bonding of JACKODUR® thermal insulation
  • Provides excellent bonding on many substrates
  • Thermal bridge-free filling of joints and recesses in the insulation layer
  • Supplied with adapter tube
  • Can also be used with a glue gun

Ideal application:

  • Perimeter insulation on basement retaining walls and floor slabs
  • Inverted roof construction (attica)
  • Base insulation


This product contains isocyanates. From 24 August 2023, appropriate training is required before any industrial or professional use. Please refer to the safety data sheet.


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