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JACKODUR® filter layer WA

The water-repellent filter layer for inverted roofs.

Ideal for graveled, greened and vehicle-accessible inverted roofs.

The water-repellent JACKODUR® filter layer WA made of tough polypropylene (PP) is specially designed for the structural requirements of inverted roofs. It channels water away and protects against contamination and stabilizes the underlying insulation layer. JACKODUR® filter layer WA is characterized by high impermeability and tear strength.

Product characteristics JACKODUR® filter layer WA:

  • Water-repellent
  • Breathable
  • Tough
  • Tear-resistant down to –40 °C
  • Weight per unit area: 100 g/m²


Benefits JACKODUR® filter layer WA:

  • Provides added security in flat roof insulation
  • Improves thermal insulation properties 


Ideal application:

  • Inverted roofs – graveled, green, vehicle-accessible
  • When combining JACKODUR® and JACKODUR® filter layer WA, according to the German national technical approval, the ΔU value does not apply for a graveled inverted roof