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Base insulation

Following the installation of perimeter insulation, a thermally insulated baseboard may be used in the base area. The base area is the part of a façade exposed to splash water, beginning directly at the surface of the ground and extending to a height of at least 30 cm.

  1. EIFS
  2. Exterior plaster
  3. JACKODUR cladding pins
  4. Base insulation with JACKODUR Gefiniert
  5. Moisture proofing with bubble foil
  6. JACKODUR Standard
  7. Waterproofing

JACKODUR has a textured surface and is resistant to damp and moisture. The textured surface provides excellent adhesive tensile values (≥ 0,2 N/mm²) and is ideal as a baseboard in the base area. Lay the JACKODUR Gefiniert insulation boards closely butted using a suitable adhesive mortar, using the bead-dot procedure, then secure with dowels. Three different versions of plaster finish are possible according to the information sheet on installing and plastering extruded polystyrene foam boards with rough or waffled surfaces used as thermal bridge insulation.

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