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From bathtub to shower

The ingenious shower elements also really come into their own when modernising older bathrooms. In this case, the old bathtub is being replaced by a spacious shower – with a complete tray size of 1800 x 900 mm.

JACKOBOARD Aqua is positioned in the screed recess. Waterproof JACKOBOARD Plano creates a new base for laying the tiles in the wall area of the shower.

Open and barrier free:  the glass partition walls are installed lengthwise and crosswise in such a way that even without a door water cannot spray out into the room. And the floor-level access creates a lovely, modern shower with no risk of stumbling.


  • Drain system inclusive solid stainless steel grate
  • Low installation height
  • Water repellent
  • CNC milled fall
  • High compressive strength > 300 kPa
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