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JACKODUR® Atlas floor slab insulation system.

JACKODUR® Atlas: That's how to save energy and money.

JACKODUR® Atlas – made from extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) – is a sophisticated, efficient thermal insulation and formwork system for base plates. The product's innovative feature is the new, economical interconnection system which makes it possible to install base plate insulation without thermal bridges for all types of buildings. With innovative tongue-and-groove joints, Atlas exhibits greater resistance to concrete pressure and protects even better against moisture.


  • By installing the formwork and insulation at the same time, you save time and therefore money.
  • The stable, pressure-resistant material meets all specifications.
  • Perfect installation through the simple interconnec-tion system.
  • Thermal bridges are excluded by the very nature of the system.
  • Meets the energy-related requirements for the  insulation of buildings up to the standards for  passive houses.
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Image 10 / 14: 01-012-JACKODUR-Atlas-in connection with autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC)
Image 11 / 14: 01-015-JACKODUR-Atlas-in connection with timber work
Image 12 / 14: 01-016-JACKODUR-Atlas-in connection with cavity wall
Image 13 / 14: 01-018-JACKODUR-Atlas-in connection with insulated concrete form (ICF)
Image 14 / 14: 01-022-JACKODUR-Atlas-in connection wih an ETICS
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JACKODUR Atlas - Thermal insulation and formwork system for floor plates.
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