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Gravelled inverted-roof insulation

A gravelled inverted roof with JACKODUR thermal insulation protects the roof against external conditions and extends the service life of the waterproofing.

The gravel layer fulfils several functions at the same time. It prevents the thermal insulation from buoying upwards during heavy rainfall, and protects it against UV radiation, flying sparks and wind suction. The gravel layer (grain size 16/32 mm) is normally 5-cm thick, but can also be thicker on tall buildings and in the corner and edge areas of the roof. At the same time, the filter layer prevents pieces of gravel from working their way into the joints between the panels, and ensures that, if the thermal insulation does buoy upwards (as a result of torrential rain and/or blocked gutters), it will settle back down evenly without the boards warping. If the filter layer is water repellent, it may even be possible to omit the ∆U supplement when measuring the U value.

  • Practical example of a gravelled inverted roof
  • 1. Interior plaster / 2. Reinforced concrete surface / 3. Double layer of waterproofing with primer / 4. JACKODUR KF 300 Standard SF / 5. JACKODUR filter layer WA / 6. Gravel: with a combination of JACKODUR and JACKODUR filter layer, the ΔU rating does not apply to gravelled inverted roofs, according to DIBt building approval.

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  • inverted roof system with thermal insulation and filter layer
  • protects the waterproofing from the weather and extends its service life
  • laid in a single layer up to 320-mm thick
  • comes with general building approval for use as thermal insulation system for inverted roofs
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