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JACKODUR® KF 300 Standard GL

The proven XPS insulation board for a wide range of applications.

The thermal insulation board for all around use.

JACKODUR® KF 300 GL is a high-quality, climate-friendly thermal insulation made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) according to EN 13164. The product has high compressive strength, dimensional stability, moisture resistance, and rot resistance. It is also characterized by smooth edges and a smooth, extrusion-compressed surface. JACKODUR® KF 300 Standard GL is the ideal XPS thermal insulation board for a wide range of construction applications.

JACKODUR® KF 300 Standard GL – product characteristics:

  • Smooth, extrusion-compressed surface and edges
  • Excellent compressive strength: 300 kPa
  • Thermal conductivity from λD = 0.034 W/(m·K) 
  • Insulation material thicknesses of 20–240 mm
  • Smooth edges

JACKODUR® KF 300 Standard GL – benefits:

  • Smooth, precisely finished edges for rapid, orderly installation
  • For efficient and sustainable thermal insulation applications

Ideal application:

  • Screed insulation
  • Core insulation


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