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Social responsibility

The social dimension of JACKON Insulation's sustainability management involves all the measures and projects that have an impact on JACKON employees and on society in general.

Here, the main aspects for employees are the management of health and safety at work, participation in a works council, job design, fair treatment of all staff, and employee training and development.

JACKON Insulation offers young people the opportunity for internships in different departments.

With the involvement of Haus der Lebenshilfe, JACKON Insulation has integrated a number of disabled people in certain production departments.

Every JACKON employee has an obligation to contribute actively to the prevention of discrimination, environmental pollution, unfair competition, corruption and fraud by observing a compulsory code of conduct.

In the field of marketing, certain advertising principles must be respected.

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Dr. Mark Plate

Entwicklung & Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement

Ritzlebener Str. 1
39619 Arendsee, OT Mechau

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