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The Quick Route to Attractive WC Design

02.05.2023 - JACKOBOARD® Sabo Enables Simple Cladding of Pre-Wall Elements – Pre-wall installation has become the standard for WCs nowadays. Optimally tailored to this need, the new JACKOBOARD® Sabo element combines simple handling with great time savings – in new buildings or in extensive bathroom renovations.

Since the new JACKOBOARD® Sabo is water-repellent and has a special coating on both sides, it can be tiled directly without previous priming. This is a great advantage for quick progress when working on a bathroom.

The Sabo Element in the format 1200 x 1300 mm (W x H) enables the easiest imaginable, fast and clean working. The dimensions and the cut-out holes of the construction board are exactly tailored to the common installation situations of WC pre-wall elements. With a few simple steps, the cladding is then in the perfect position so that it can then be tiled directly - without any priming. Matching accessories - self-tapping screws and insulation board discs - are available separately.

The core made of extruded polystyrene ensures high compressive strength while the weight of the 20 mm thick special element is extremely low. At λ = 0.035 W/(m·K), the foam core also has very good thermal insulation properties. The new addition to the versatile JACKOBOARD® range for beautiful and individual bathrooms is suitable for rooms exposed to high levels of moisture.

The packaging is just as sustainable as the well thought-out and user friendly construction board.  The JACKOBOARD® Sabo elements are supplied on pallets –  without individual packaging. That protects resources and prevents unnecessary waste.

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  • The Quick Route to Attractive WC Design
    Image 1 / 5: With prepared cut-out holes, the JACKOBOARD® Sabo element enables simple and fast working.
  • The Quick Route to Attractive WC Design
    Image 2 / 5: The new construction board is ideally suited to the simple cladding of WV pre-wall elements.
  • The Quick Route to Attractive WC Design
    Image 3 / 5: Thanks to the special coating, Sabo can then be tiled directly.
  • The Quick Route to Attractive WC Design
    Image 4 / 5: The result: A modern WC design within the shortest time.
  • The Quick Route to Attractive WC Design
    Image 5 / 5: With the format 1200 x 1300 mm (W x H), the JACKOBOARD® Sabo element meets all standard requirements for cladding WC pre-wall elements.

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