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JACKODUR® EVO: Multilayer Technology systematically improved

13.01.2023 - Innovation from JACKON Insulation has consistent lambda value of 0.032 for all thicknesses from 40 to 400 mm. JACKON Insulation introduces the new generation of thermal insulation made of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS): JACKODUR® EVO is the systematic improvement of multilayer technology, which the company has been successfully establishing on the market throughout Europe for over 20 years.

This product innovation makes it possible to quickly and securely lay a single layer of insulation in thicknesses from 40 to, for the first time, 400 mm – and what's more, every thickness has a consistent lambda value of λD = 0.032 W/(m·K).

Multilayer boards have become an essential feature of insulation for energy efficient buildings. They play a major supporting role - quite literally - in perimeter insulation in particular. JACKON Insulation has set standards here with JACKODUR®. The new generation has developed the familiar advantages as it has evolved, offering properties that have been improved still further. In particular, this includes the high insulation performance, which can be seen in the lambda value and is guaranteed for every board thickness (40 to 400 mm). This offers even more flexibility in structural design and execution in order to meet individual requirements for the energy efficiency of buildings.

Moreover, the multilayer boards, which are bonded tightly together at the factory, allow especially safe and straightforward handling on building sites. A considerable time saving can be achieved by laying a single layer in comparison to several layers of insulation; the technology is also impressive in terms of building physics with better thermal performance. For example, a film of water can no longer accumulate between boards, which can happen when laying multiple layers.

Moreover, JACKODUR® EVO has all of the familiar benefits of XPS thermal insulation that have been tried and tested over the years. The material is compression proof, dimensionally stable, moisture and rot resistant as well as totally durable. Sustainability begins in production because the cells mainly contain air. This means that these multilayer boards will save much more energy and resources over the years and decades of use than have flowed into their manufacture.

JACKODUR® EVO multilayer boards protect buildings for a whole lifetime and can even be reused afterwards. They permanently reduce the cost of heating and the CO2 emissions of buildings, making a considerable contribution to better climate protection. This product innovation is available now.

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  • JACKODUR® EVO: Multilayer Technology systematically improved
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  • JACKODUR® EVO: Multilayer Technology systematically improved
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  • JACKODUR® EVO: Multilayer Technology systematically improved
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  • JACKODUR® EVO: Multilayer Technology systematically improved
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