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Austrian Ecolabel for JACKODUR® EVO

04.08.2023 - Making thermal insulation sustainable: in recognition of its outstanding material properties, JACKODUR® EVO from JACKON by BEWI has obtained the Austrian Ecolabel. That means that this high-performance, high-compression strength and moisture-resistant material is one of the most ecologically sound and sustainable insulation products available on the market today.

JACKODUR® EVO is the latest generation of thermal insulation made from extruded polystyrene foam (XPS). In this case, sustainability starts already during production, because the cells contain mainly air. Produced using environmentally sound manufacturing processes, these insulation boards are characterized by their extremely long service life and their easy installation. The decisive advantage of JACKODUR® EVO lies in its multi-layer production technology, which enables fast and reliable installation in a single layer of up to 400 mm thick – and one that consistently delivers an outstanding lambda value of λD = 0.032 W/(m·K) across all thicknesses.

The Austrian Ecolabel is a label with an excellent reputation: the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology grants it for especially eco-friendly products. The symbol, which JACKODUR® EVO insulation boards can also now carry, was designed by the internationally renowned artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

The criteria for certifying a product with the Austrian Ecolabel are drawn from guidelines based on a holistic lifecycle approach. Characteristics such as conservation of resources, high product quality, the avoidance of pollutants, and high insulation performance are important factors for the sustainability and value retention of buildings. Moreover, the Ecolabel represents a useful yardstick for public tenders in the construction industry.

JACKODUR® EVO from JACKON by BEWI fully satisfies these demanding requirements. The insulation boards protect a building throughout its lifetime, whether as perimeter insulation under the floor slab, as basement retaining wall insulation, or in inverted roof applications, as well as in many other application areas that place extremely high demands on the insulation. In all of these areas, the insulation boards permanently and reliably reduce a building’s CO2 emissions, thereby making a significant contribution toward greater climate protection and sustainability.

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  • Austrian Ecolabel for JACKODUR® EVO
    Image 1 / 2: Receiving the Austrian Ecolabel for JACKODUR® EVO: Dr. Mark Plate (right), Head of Sustainability JACKON by BEWI, and Tino Dannenberg, Product Manager.
  • Austrian Ecolabel for JACKODUR® EVO
    Image 2 / 2: The Austrian Ecolabel is granted only for products that meet the highest standards of sustainability and environmental protection.

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