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Corporate policy

Today's society is responsible for tomorrow's generations. Global climate protection goals and building certification concepts are increasingly driving the development of our core markets. Accordingly, we are committed to ensuring sustainable management and to optimising both our products and company processes in terms of economic, ecological and social excellence, while complying with the specifications of international standards 9001, 14001, 18001 and  50001 (for the Mechau site).

The Management Board regularly evaluates the effectiveness of this management system.

1. Awareness of shared responsibility

The success of our company is largely dependent on every single member of staff working together, hand in hand. Each individual must do his or her very best, rules must be observed, and a common goal pursued if all members of staff and management are to work together successfully and enthusiastically. We are committed to treating all our employees fairly and to fully utilising and encouraging their potential. We rely on the active participation of all our staff in shaping the company's development. Indeed, we feel it is only possible to achieve our goals over the long term if all employees consciously strive towards them, share the goals of JACKON Insulation, and are actively involved. It is the duty of management to put the necessary structures in place for achieving these goals, and to monitor their implementation. This requires transparent and regular examination of the company’s goals with the aim of clearly showing all employees how their work can contribute towards the achievement of these goals.

2. Quality awareness as a means of increasing customer satisfaction

The commercial success of our company depends heavily on our success in the marketplace and, therefore, on our customers' satisfaction. The quality of our products and services is the primary factor that influences customer satisfaction. As such, the regular analysis of customer satisfaction and the implementation of measures to increase the same are two of our most important tasks.

By the same token, top priority must be given to constantly assessing the quality of our products and services, adapting them to requirements.

3. Cost and resource awareness

The cost-benefit ratio of our products is a criterion that influences our customers’ purchasing decisions. The continual optimisation of costs and use of resources is a fundamental prerequisite for us to be able to offer our customers products at permanently attractive prices. To this end we are constantly measuring and improving our use of resources and consequently optimising our products and processes from both an economic and ecological perspective.

The production of polystyrene hard foam is very energy intensive. The management of energy consumption (EMS) is therefore of particular importance for reasons of cost optimisation and conservation of resources.

4. Change and innovation awareness

Today's developments and innovations guarantee tomorrow's success. The medium- and long-term success of the company can therefore only be ensured through the ongoing creation of new and/or improved products and services.

This requires the realisation both of ideas (from the marketplace) for new products/services, and of ideas for optimising the possible application areas of existing products. It is management's responsibility to create a climate in which the motivation and creativity needed for this task are encouraged among all members of staff, and their openness to change is supported.

5. Environmental awareness

The conscious use and protection of natural and company resources is a requirement that is important to more than just our generation. It is our goal to produce and further develop products that are environmentally compatible and fit for the future. By the same token, all our company's processes are optimised in terms of environmental protection, with the aim of reducing emissions and avoiding and/or recycling waste. A part of this is the ongoing examination and communication of the environmental aspects of JACKON Insulation.

6. Legal awareness

JACKON Insulation is committed to complying with all legal provisions governing both energy utilisation/consumption/efficiency, and health and safety. In their function as personal role models, all members of senior management drive the implementation of the legal requirements and ensure that the necessary induction sessions for employees are organised and held. During these induction sessions, all employees are informed of the applicable legal regulations and undertake to comply with them.

7. Awareness of health and safety at work

Our health-and-safety-management policy aims to prevent any work accidents or work-related illnesses, and to guarantee the safety and health of all staff members. All employees are therefore obliged to identify any possible sources of risk and to ensure that their conduct does not give rise to any work accidents or injuries. They must report all accidents (including minor ones) and near-accidents. Company management provides all the necessary materials and the organisational framework for them to carry out these tasks. Management encourages and supports all activities aimed at improving health and safety at work.

JACKON Insulation sets universal target figures for all areas of awareness annually and notifies all of its employees about the level of attainment each month.


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