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Climate & Nature

We safeguard climate and nature.

To protect the environment, we minimise our production of waste and greenhouse gases, consistently conserve resources, treat energy conscientiously, and reduce hazardous materials or make sure we use them safely. Our Research & Development department works continuously to develop eco-friendly products using blowing agents with low or zero greenhouse potential (global warming potential, or GWP).

Would you like to learn more? For full information, please consult our download centre:

  • On the effects in the processing phase in the material safety data sheets about our products
  • On the effects in the utilisation phase in the environmental product declarations (EPDs) as well as the emissions measurements of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • For the utilisation phase, the environmental product declarations do not include the heating fuel (oil, gas, etc.) saved by our customers nor, therefore, the significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions associated with those savings. Resource savings during utilisation far exceeds resource consumption during production (by at least a factor of 20).
  • On the effects in the disposal phase in the material safety data sheets as well as the environmental product declarations.