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JACKODUR® Etics anchors

Excellent bonding of wall and thermal insulation with etics anchors.

The etics anchors are specially designed to securely fasten thermal insulation boards to concrete and masonry walls and have been certified with a European Technical Assessment (ETA-04/0023). With an anchor depth of ≥ 25 mm, they ensure secure attachment to the substrate. They include a pre-installed screw for rapid installation along with an additional sealing plug.

Product characteristics – JACKODUR® Etics anchors:

  • Universal compatibility with all substrates
  • With European Technical Assessment ETA-04/0023
  • Includes sealing plug and screw anchor
  • Anchor depth ≥ 25 mm
  • Ø 8/60 mm

Ideal application:

  • Fastening of XPS thermal insulation boards to all substrates
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Ideal applications for JACKODUR® Etics anchors
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